Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beauty on Demand

Beginning January 1, 2011, I will begin a new program that will save my customers costly charges of retail. I am happy to announce my new auto ship program. The details of this program are below:

Beauty on Demand:

Each month, customers who have elected to register in the Mary Kay Beauty on Demand Program only available through me, Kimberly Woodard, will receive a specialized color look shipment tailored to their specific skin and color needs.

The customers will complete a beauty/skin profile that will include suggestions for their skin and the shipments mailed each month will be specific to the customers profile.

The great news about this program....customers will receive a NEW color each month...for a fraction of the retail price. This program is great for Mary Kay enthusiants who cannot afford Mary Kay skin care normally.

Your first shipment will include a compact to organize your colors as well as brushes and applicators for the compact. Your remaining months will be additional color to place in your compact as well as one skin care item and a FREE Gift!!

Your savings will look something like this:

Your first month:

MK Compact: Retails $18
Lip Color: Retails $13
Cheek Color: Retails $10
Eye Color: Retails $6.50
Eyeliner: Retails $10
Compact Cheek Brush: Retails $2.50
Eye Applicators: Retails $2.50
Total Retail: $62.50
Your Price: $45.00

Your continuing months:
Lip Color: Retails $13
Cheek Color: Retails $10
Eye Color: Retails $6.50
Skin Care Item: $10-$15
Free Gift: $0
Total Retail: $39.50-44.50
Your Price: $30

I am asking that you sign up with a credit card and agree to 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month club memberships.

You will receive an itemized bill monthly and will need to pay prior to your items shipping out---it may be easier to authorize me to charge your card automatically so there will be no skips in your membership.

Any special requests or add-ons are due two weeks prior to shipping out your items to give time for these items to be added to your shipment. Any add-ons will be full catalog price.

Get started on your personalized color look by joining the club today! Visit my website and complete the Beauty Profiler to learn what your personalized color style will be-----


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