Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beauty on Demand

Beginning January 1, 2011, I will begin a new program that will save my customers costly charges of retail. I am happy to announce my new auto ship program. The details of this program are below:

Beauty on Demand:

Each month, customers who have elected to register in the Mary Kay Beauty on Demand Program only available through me, Kimberly Woodard, will receive a specialized color look shipment tailored to their specific skin and color needs.

The customers will complete a beauty/skin profile that will include suggestions for their skin and the shipments mailed each month will be specific to the customers profile.

The great news about this program....customers will receive a NEW color each month...for a fraction of the retail price. This program is great for Mary Kay enthusiants who cannot afford Mary Kay skin care normally.

Your first shipment will include a compact to organize your colors as well as brushes and applicators for the compact. Your remaining months will be additional color to place in your compact as well as one skin care item and a FREE Gift!!

Your savings will look something like this:

Your first month:

MK Compact: Retails $18
Lip Color: Retails $13
Cheek Color: Retails $10
Eye Color: Retails $6.50
Eyeliner: Retails $10
Compact Cheek Brush: Retails $2.50
Eye Applicators: Retails $2.50
Total Retail: $62.50
Your Price: $45.00

Your continuing months:
Lip Color: Retails $13
Cheek Color: Retails $10
Eye Color: Retails $6.50
Skin Care Item: $10-$15
Free Gift: $0
Total Retail: $39.50-44.50
Your Price: $30

I am asking that you sign up with a credit card and agree to 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month club memberships.

You will receive an itemized bill monthly and will need to pay prior to your items shipping out---it may be easier to authorize me to charge your card automatically so there will be no skips in your membership.

Any special requests or add-ons are due two weeks prior to shipping out your items to give time for these items to be added to your shipment. Any add-ons will be full catalog price.

Get started on your personalized color look by joining the club today! Visit my website and complete the Beauty Profiler to learn what your personalized color style will be-----

Monday, December 20, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Yeah----it's time to finalize the December Give Away and get it shipped!

I appreciate all my new followers and fans----stay tuned for our NEW giveaway for January 2011!

The entrants in the December 2010 contest are:

There were 30 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.Dana Rodriguez

2.Tiffany Noth

3.Melissa Lawrence

4.Andrea Workman

5.Carol Mizell

6.Monica DivaMoms

7.Birgit Gajdos

8.Melissa Lawrence

9.Pricilla Sunshine

10.Sheryl Edwards

11.Julie Swartz

12.Melissa Lawrence

13.Toonces Evans

14.Kimberly Flikinger

15.Jerry Lafferty

16.Debbie Abner

17.Ty Williams

18.Alisha Calhoun

19.Jennifer Booras

20.C. Lynn Owens

21.Dana Rodriguez

22.Tamra Clifford

23.Vivian Chan

24.Ashley Carr

25.Karen France

26.Tearsa Keith

27.Renee Simmons

28.Dana Rodriguez

29.Diana Bassette

30.Jill Hayes

Multiple entrants are for those whose friends joined after suggesting. Thank you gals---

And the winner of the gift pictured above:


Congratulations----and thanks for participating. Please send me your mailing address so that we can get your prize shipped out.

All other entrants----I appreciate you too! If you send your email----you will get a VALUABLE coupon code to use for your future online purchase!

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Week's Special

Hey Fans---

This weeks special is:

Christmas Bonanza Week---Knock out your Christmas list this week! I have something for both men and women so take a look at the site today!!

Make an order between today and December 10th and recieve a FREE gift card of your choice.

Here's how it will work:

As a personal THANK YOU to all my customers, if you make an order of $50 or more or MK product from my website, you will receive a gift card of a value that is 10% of the product purchase.

Your orders will be shipped within 24 hours of your purchase. Order by December 10th to get your items by Christmas.

Your gift cards will come in a separate mailing, but immediately after you make your qualifying order.

When making your order, please write in the comments section which of the following gift cards you would love to have: Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Nobles, or Toys R Us.

Please remember your product value of your order does not include tax and shipping! Any questions?!? Just ask----

***Don't forget my sign-up special going on NOW until December 15th. Start your MK business for FREE!!! Get a full reimbursement on your starter kit personally from me!! Ask me how today and JOIN!***

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Shopping Spree

Ever have a hard time finding that special something for the one you love --hubby, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, significant other, friend?

Well I can help out. You can either come to my house and shop my "store", shop my website @, email me @, or you can call me @ (318) 734-8431 and tell me what you want to spend and a little about the gift recipeint, and I will pick something out for you.

All my gift wrapping and delivery services are FREE!! Including FREE shipping if you do not live within driving distance. And get a FREE gift with purchase of $40 or more!!

* If you order from now to 12/04, you can get 20% off all you order.

* If you order from 12/05 to 12/10, you can get 10% off all you order.

The earlier, the better!!